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Microsoft filed a lawsuit, claiming that it logged hundreds of suspicious product activations from one IP address. The software giant is currently seeking damages.
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 7
Such software as operating systems suffers a high piracy rate due to the fact that a user needs to be present on most computers in order for them to work at all. Over the last three decades, Windows OS has been pirated millions of times. The Seattle-based company had to accept this fact as granted, and regular users usually avoided Microsoft’s aggression.
Now at least one pirate is about to find out that the same can’t be said of users pirating Windows on a commercial scale. Microsoft targets a person or persons behind a single Verizon IP address, who are responsible for some serious Windows pirating. The tech giant analyzed product key activation data, including the IP address from which the key was activated. It should be noted that the users voluntarily provided this information when they activated Windows. The forensic tools of the company allow it to analyze billions of Windows activations and discover patterns that make it believe that pirated software was being activated through that particular IP address.
The company detained in its complaint that its cyber forensics have identified hundreds of product key activations originating from a single Verizon IP address. Microsoft claims that those activations make it believe that defendants are using the IP address in question to activate pirated Windows 7. The company provided evidence that the defendant(s) have activated hundreds of copies of its operating system using product keys “stolen” from Microsoft’s supply chain or having a valid license. In some cases, the keys were used more times than their license allows.
Microsoft is now claiming damages resulting from such piracy – aside from immediate injunctive relief and the impounding of all infringing content, the Seattle-based company demands profits attributable to the infringements, treble damages and attorney fees or statutory damages.
This is not the first time when Microsoft launches a lawsuit of such a kind. The company took a similar action last December, targeting a user behind an AT&T account.
Thanks to Torrent Freak for providing the source of the article.
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