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The UK Government is not going to extend its deal with Microsoft to support Windows XP. This move will leave government machines that still run Windows XP vulnerable to hackers.
Microsoft Windows XP – May Rest in Peace ;-)
Normally, ending the software support means that flaws found in such software will remain un-patched and may be exploited by hackers. Microsoft canceled its support for Windows XP, a 14-year-old OS, more than a year ago. However, due to the high number of PCs still running XP in government and businesses, the software maker provided paid-for extended support for another year to help agencies and individuals safely migrate from XP.
Now each UK government department with XP computers will have to seek deals for support with Microsoft directly – this may end up costing the taxpayer even more. Indeed, the Crown Commercial Service said that its extension deal in 2014 saved the government about £20m by buying in bulk in comparison to individual departmental deals. The matter is that some government departments have struggled with the transition to move from Windows XP. For example, the Metropolitan Police Service had to seek a support agreement directly from Microsoft, while HM Revenue and Customs is successfully switching to Windows 7 and 8.1. According to reports, NHS Scotland also has around 2,600 PCs still running Windows XP.
In the meantime, the government’s technology leaders require all the departments to follow the “obsolete platforms security guidance”, published a few weeks ago, which claims that it is vital that all agencies only use software supported by the vendor. The same guidance requires to make plans to migrate from older products as the end of support period is reached.
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