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How to Add a Subdomain for Blogspot to Godaddy

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how to add a subdomain for blogspot to godaddy
 Google's Blog spot service, also known as Blogger, gives users the ability to assign a custom domain name for free, as long as the user presently owns the domain name. If you have a domain name registered through GoDaddy, and want to direct it to your Blog spot blog, you can do so with ease. If you want to redirect a sub-domain to your Blog spot blog, you'll have to create the appropriate record in your GoDaddy DNS manager.

Step 1: Sign in to your GoDaddy account. Click on "My Account," and then click on "Domains." Click "Launch" beneath "DNS Manager."
Step 2: Click on "Edit Zone" next to the domain name you want to use.
Step 3: Click on "Add Record," and then select "CNAME (Alias)."
Step 4: Type the desired sub-domain name in the "Alias" box. In the "Points To" box, type the following:
Step 5: Click on "Save Zone File."
Step 6: Sign in to your Blog spot account. Click on "Settings." Click on "Publishing."
Step 7: Click on "Advanced Settings," and then type your custom sub-domain in the "Your Domain" box.
Step 8: Fill out the word verification puzzle, and then click on "Save Settings." Choose whether or not to redirect the primary domain to the sub-domain.

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